Safety & Security

Safety & Security

Tips for safety in the home and workplaces
Many people use hearsay methods to protect themselves from thieves. Although some of these are correct, some different points need to be paid attention to. For example, when trying to prevent theft; In cases of fire, gas leak, flood, emergency health and panic, it is important to take the precautions in a balanced way in order not to prevent the exit. There are effective and simple methods that can be applied for the security of homes and workplaces.

Hundreds of cases of theft are encountered in homes and workplaces every day. Thieves resort to new methods every day. With simple and effective methods, you can significantly prevent being a victim of theft.

-Even if you leave your home or workplace for a short time, always lock the door, set up your electronic alarm system, if any, and leave the house like that.

- Pay attention to the fact that balcony and terrace doors are strong and can be locked from inside.

-Complete mechanical and traditional measures such as iron bars, shutters, chain and security lock on the door with deterrent electronic security systems. Burglars are less likely to enter homes where these systems are installed, knowing that they will have to work harder and will attract attention due to stimuli such as alarm sounds and lights.

-Do not abandon social measures based on neighborhood relations.

- Change the locks when people who work at home and have a backup of the door's key leave work.

Inform a neighbor you trust while going on vacation. Avoid piling up invoices and envelopes by handing your mailbox key to it.

Use light sources that are sensitive to motion, indoors and outdoors. So when someone enters the house, the lights that come on will attract the attention of your neighbors who know you are not at home.

- When you see suspicious people walking around your home or workplace, inform the police.

-Do not store your key in conceivable places such as under the mat, the edge of the pot, electricity and water meter.

Be sure to ask the officials who come home to deliver a product you have purchased or who say that they are coming for a breakdown.

-If you have a safe at home, do not keep a large amount of money and jewelery here. Choose bank vaults.

- Fire, gas leak, flood, emergency health situations and moments of panic are also part of the need for security. When saying that I will protect against thieves, take balanced precautions to prevent the inside from going out and set an escape plan for panic situations.

Make sure the safety tips are also followed by your family.

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