Rough Plumbing

Rough Plumbing

What Does Plumbing Do? How To Make The Right Plumbing? What Does Plumbing Projects Cover? What Are Plumbing Products?

One of the main actors of mechanical installation in habitable buildings is undoubtedly plumbing. The pipe network that enables clean water to be delivered to the places of use in a healthy way and to collect the dirty and waste water and take it out of the building is called plumbing. The way to reach water in buildings in a healthy way is through the processes of designing the plumbing system and product selection. Plumbing is directly related to the protection of human health. Urbanization and modern life increased the importance of plumbing and plumbing together with the needs. Likewise, the materials used also varied. Since the transportation of water is directly related to human health, the pipes used in the clean water installation should be made of materials suitable for the purpose of use, that do not affect the water quality and are resistant to corrosion. For example, pig pipes used until recently are now preferred in superstructure installation because they have a structure that corrodes and corrodes over time. Asbestos cement pipes left their place to new generation plastic pipes due to their carcinogenic structure, which also threatens health.

The desired water quality should be provided as a whole with the features of the installation raw material, the structure of the water, the installation features and the operating conditions. Every step should be planned. In order for people to live in a healthy, safe, comfortable and economical way in their living spaces and to have modern structures, a careful approach and certain standards must be present at every point. It should be planned in every step from the project design to the positioning of the building, from the beginning to the completion. In every structure, not every system can be implemented in the same way. An office building and a hotel building cannot be considered with the same system plan. These should be well studied. Preliminary analysis of all systems in buildings should be made and the most accurate system plan should be applied.

The installation project of a building will be more successful with the joint planning of a mind that thinks mechanically and a mind that thinks architecture. It is important to make the right decisions at the beginning when it comes to transporting pipes, crossings and device placements. However, for an acceptable service life, water pressure, insulation, durability, etc. The appropriate pipe and equipment materials should be selected by paying attention to the criteria. Quality of life is the water installation, waste water systems, electrical installation etc. in the building. it is integrated with many mechanical work.

The most extreme plumbing element used to meet water with plumbing systems is water armatures. The use and control of the water transported by the pipe system in the buildings is done by water armatures. Hygienic, long-lasting water armatures reduce the need for maintenance and repair and support life comfort. The selection of plumbing products used in buildings is critical. Meeting expectations as a system solution, not as a single product, is the overall performance of building construction. Moreover, not only in terms of security, the longevity of the products used in the building reduces the need for maintenance and repair and supports the comfort of life. In plumbing circuits, in addition to delivering clean water to usage points, it is important to remove the used waste water. Ensuring the correct connection in removing this waste water from the system and not mixing with clean water is an important point for human health.




  • Bathroom Fixtures, faucets
  • Sink Faucets, faucets
  • Kitchen Fixtures, faucets
  • Built-in bathroom, sink and kitchen armatures, batteries
  • Taps
  • Laundry Taps
  • Angle Taps,
  • Bidet Faucets
  • Built-in Faucets
  • Built-in Angle Taps
  • Garden Faucets
  • Thermostatic Technology Fixtures,
  • Batteries
  • Photocell, Electronically Controlled Batteries,
  • Luminaires
  • Urinal Faucets
  • Electronic Urinal Faucets
  • Global Basses
  • Shower Systems, shower sets, hand and head showers,
  • Washbasin and Sink Siphons

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