Power & Hand Tools

Power & Hand Tools

Many auxiliary devices are needed at home, at work, in the garden. Hand tools are needed to repair something that is broken. Hand tools with different models and features are among the leading construction and building materials. These hand tools, which are frequently used in the repair and maintenance of electronic devices, can appeal to every need with their rich variety of features.

Hand Tools Types and Prices

The hand tools offered with various brand and reasonable price options have a rich variety. The most frequently used tools are; Allen Sets, Hand Tools, Workshop Tools, Bits Bits, Hilti and Drill Bits, Snap Rope, Utility Knives, Tape Measures, Pliers, Pliers, Screwdrivers, Check Pen, Pliers, Saw, Socket Sets, Auto Repair, Maintenance and Measuring Tools, Torque Wrenches are Screwing Tools. You can find all hand tools, hardware and construction materials at affordable prices on our site.

Hand Tools Usage Areas

You may have to deal with many of the common problems in daily life on your own. You can easily repair your broken items without the need for service or repairmen. For example, you can easily do many jobs with the right equipment, such as tightening the loose screw of the dripping faucet, drilling holes for your table to be hung on the wall, and pruning your lawn that will be cut and mowed in your garden with grass shears.


One of the important things that must be in every home or car is a tool kit. Like first aid kits, tool kits are of great importance. You can keep all the materials you may need in the tool bags. Thus, if you are stuck with your vehicle at an unexpected time, you can easily solve the problem. You can do your works such as dismantling, driving and screwing in your home or garden with practical hand tools.

You can easily cut the weeds growing in your garden with garden shears, and restore your tap with a screwdriver, whose screw is loosened and water leaks.
If the screw of your kitchen cabinet doors is loose and wobbly, which is one of the common problems at home, you can easily solve this problem with the help of flat or Phillips screwdrivers.
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