Small electric vehicles in the home often break down at the most urgent times. It is especially difficult to find masters in electrical and plumbing works, to make sure that the master arrives on time, does the job correctly and that the correct pricing is made. Taking precautions before they break down or replacing the damaged or deformed electrical accessories with new ones from time to time saves lives in critical situations.

You Can Change It Yourself
Some pluggable products in the home are very easy to replace. Having backups at home makes things easy. A spare plug or extension cable will save lives in cases where the plugs are destroyed over time, broken by various impacts and create danger. Likewise, it is possible to easily change these vehicles in cases such as the lighting switches getting dirty, damaged, or dislodged. Before starting all electrical and plumbing work, it is important that you turn off the electricity of the house by turning off the fuse.

Way to Protect Electronic Equipment: Grounding Plugs
Electronics in the home can easily be damaged without grounding cables or plugs. It is possible to use a more practical method for grounding, rather than replacing the house's electrical wiring as it is. For grounding, extensions with earthed cables or plugs with current protection are ideal. Especially when purchased from extension cables with on-off switches, it is possible to cut the electricity of the household items when they are not operated.

Change Your Home Sound with Wireless Doorbells
Replacing the doorbell, which was done by calling an electrician in the previous times, is now fairly easy. Doorbells to be purchased at affordable prices contain a large number of sounds and can be used by changing the ringtone. The detection range of remote controlled doorbells is up to 100 meters. It is also possible to change ringtones on a daily basis remotely.

Enhance Your Home's Elegance With Keys
Lighting changes the entire interior decoration of the house. Lighting switches are the fine detail of this elegance. Switches that are used continuously deform over time, some of them may hang from the wall. In these cases, changing the keys is safe and brings a new flair to the home. You can choose from different colors of design keys and purchase the matching ones.

Take Control of Your Home
It is also possible to achieve technological conveniences such as the lights turning on spontaneously when entering the house or the self-functioning of the flush when leaving the toilet. The detection distances of motion sensors that can scan a wide area with an angle of 180 degrees and above also vary according to the brand and price. With waterproof motion sensors, lighting can be provided in the bathroom and kitchen without touching the light. In addition, to protect against intruders, door and window alarms of various brands can be purchased and integrated into the home security system.

A Safe Home Thanks to Detectors
It is also possible to purchase relays that determine the operating time intervals of electrical products. Gas detectors, which are especially needed in homes where combi boilers are used, are among the most important tools that prevent invisible accidents at home. Electronic detectors that measure the humidity and temperature of the house are also available for sale with various brands and prices. Portable or fixed solar energy panels, regulators and control devices for homes can also be easily purchased.

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