Building Supplies

Building Supplies

What materials are used in construction?

One of the most important parts of the construction process is the selection of building materials. Materials used in construction are usually determined by the project architect while designing the building. During the design phase of the building, the materials determined by the project architect only provide a preliminary information to determine the unit price. Determining the type of materials is not sufficient for ordering.

In order for the materials to be selected correctly, the architect and the engineer should do a detailed research. Generally, wood, plaster, aluminum, cement, iron, steel, aerated concrete, ready-mixed concrete, lime, ceramic, brick, tile are used when constructing a building. These are among the important materials that create the structure. There are materials such as cement, iron, steel and plaster in every building. However, materials such as aerated concrete and ready-mixed concrete vary according to the statics of the building.

Materials such as cement, lime, iron and steel are the most commonly used building materials. However, such materials also have their own types. It is decided according to the features of the building.

There are four types of cement. These; Pozzolonic cement, Portland composite cement, Portland cement and white cement. Portland cement is the most widely known type of cement that is produced on special request because of its high cost. It is generally used in high structures, ground concretes or bridges. Pozzolon blended cements are a type of cement with low binding properties. While cements are divided according to the substances added, iron, steel and bricks are divided into different types according to their sizes.

Bricks are often named according to their size. In addition, there are also types such as masonry, chimney brick, square chimney brick, asmelon brick.

Iron and steel, on the other hand, are named according to their radii. The areas of use of these also vary according to the buildings. These are materials that are generally used in all buildings. In addition to these, there are also special materials used in special buildings.

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