Sports & Fitness

Sports & Fitness

Who does not want to be healthy and fit? Fitness is a sport based on many exercises. Unlike all other sports, it is basically aimed at tightening and strengthening the muscles by exercising them individually with or without tools. Essentially it is the foundation of all sports. Because in every sport there are muscle groups that are mainly used in the body. Fitness exercises are used to give condition to these muscle groups.
Each goal has training program is different. There is no standard in fitness sports. In other words, every age, every lifestyle and body type should be a different way of working followed by an expert.

This sport has two differences from bodybuilding.

It is done primarily for health, not for development. In addition, in a fitness training, cardiovascular training (such as running, cycling, which will leave you breathless, calorie consuming and fitness exercises) is combined with weight training. For this reason, the muscles do not grow too much, they just tighten and take on an aesthetic appearance.

Fitness sports ensure abundant endorphin, estrogen or testosterone hormone secretion in the body. Thus, you will feel psychologically better and energetic. Getting in shape of the body also increases self confidence. It speeds up the metabolism. It increases energy. It regulates sleep. It takes away from stress by providing psychological improvement. It provides more healthly and fast of thinking. It strengthens the heart and vascular system. Those who engage in long term fitness sports have a low risk of developing cancer and heart attacks. It is recommended for diabetics as it provides calorie burning.
Matters needing attention

Before starting training, it is necessary to learn the risks. Appropriate clothing should be worn and attention should be paid to the choice of sports shoes. The training program given by expert trainers must be followed. In order not to be injured, the muscles should be warmed up with stretching movements before the workout. It is important to do regular movements in weight exercise. If it is just starting, a light training should be applied and the weights should be increased over time. Otherwise, it will be very difficult to burn fat.

Personal Effects of Fitness Programs

Getting rid of excess weight

To have an aesthetic appearance

Relieving stress

Increasing flexibility and agility

Increasing strength and endurance

Shaping and developing muscles

The secretion of hormones such as testosterone, estrogen and endorphins by helping one s self psychologically more mindful make him feel

Increasing metabolic rate

Ensuring regular sleep

It creates positive effects on the person such as strengthening the cardiovascular system.

Those who work with long term fitness programs can prevent cancer and heart attack.

the risk of getting caught is low.
Beginners to the Fitness Program Should Be Considered

There are basic studies called adaptation programs for beginners. These should not be exceeded and the body should not be overloaded. The thought of overburdening and gaining early yield can cause injury and problems in the body. Low intensity exercises should be done, the intensity of the exercise should be increased gradually, and patience should be exercised.
Weight Usage and Exercise Knowledge in Fitness Training
Free Weights or Machines?
There will be constant debates about how one is better than the other in this regard. Free weights work more muscles and indirectly provide stability, balance and freedom of movement. Machines, on the other hand, better isolate the muscles involved and you do not have the risk of losing the bar or weight, nor do you need a helper.
Benefits of activities such as climbing stairs in terms of fitness

It cannot be said that "such activities have no effect on losing weight". However, it can be easily said that it is not very effective. Of course, an active lifestyle is always good. Rather than taking the elevator, climbing stairs, walking instead of driving for short distances, doing garden carpentry work or organizing trips instead of just watching television at the weekend should be preferred. In general, doing such activities is beneficial for health and has an accelerating effect on metabolism. However, if you want to lose weight in a targeted way, it would be better to do a programmed exercise.

Red and White Muscles & Effects on the Body

Muscle growth is predominantly in fast twitch white muscles. Fast twitch white muscle fibers are stimulated in intense strength training. Slow twitch red muscle fibers are stimulated more in low tempo aerobic exercises. Performing high repetitive work on weight lifting equipment mostly employs red fibers. For this reason, lifting in a way that you can activate your white muscle fibers, that is, with low reps and maximum power, will have an effect on increasing the volume. Depending on the genetic structure, the density of white muscle fibers can also determine the limits of the maximum muscle size that a person can reach. However, looking at this, it is not right to despair and stop exercising muscle. Every person can develop and shape their muscles visibly.
Ideal way to lose weight

You should not be too concerned with how much you weigh. The main thing you should be interested in is how much of these kilos are fat. When you want to lose weight by exercising, your weight loss should not be by losing muscle and water, and the total calories you take should be less than the calories you give. The most efficient and permanent way to do this is through these three steps that will become a part of your daily life.
Start an aerobic workout program

This should be an activity you enjoy doing. This does not necessarily have to happen by joining an aerobics group at a sports facility. It can replace this in walking, cycling, swimming, skating, dancing, skipping, etc. It can also be any activity that can increase the heart rate and keep it within the beneficial exercise limit (at least 15 minutes). The longer the duration of this exercise, the more benefits you will get.

Muscle Development

If you want to increase your muscle mass, it takes 6 months to 1 year to grow and shape your muscles in moderate amounts. This period varies depending on the person s metabolism and diet. If you want to make serious changes in the muscular structure of the body and grow the muscles a lot, the period can vary from 1 year to 4 years. The time required for muscle development varies depending on the physiological structure of the person, the condition of the muscle fibers, the white muscle red muscle fiber ratio, the working efficiency of protein production metabolism, diet and age.
Recommended Weight Program Initially

Beginners to weight training should place as much emphasis on basic movements as advanced ones. The basic movement does not mean the beginning. It means the exercise in which many muscles are used and that is the most developing. It is as important to rest as work. As it is believed, muscles develop, strengthen and renew themselves at rest, not at work. This period varies between 48 and 96 hours. So a work schedule should include rest days.
Beginners need to find the weights to use when implementing a program that will work the whole body. Usually the weights should be a weight you can do 10 reps, and the last two reps should be quite a challenge. If you can do 10 reps of the movement, increase the weight slightly. Don not be too concerned about how much weight you can lift. Work in the best standing position, concentrating on the working body. Strength increase, form, size and shaping will come over time, depending on the applications in various programs.

Should We Train a Sore Muscle?

It is better not to run it. For example, if there is pain in your legs due to the "Squat" movement, you can rest your legs and do chest exercises that day. Your muscles develop and regenerate while they are at rest.
Do You Need More Protein for Weight Training?

Protein intake should be 12 to 15% of your total calories. If you cannot increase muscle mass with this amount of protein, your protein needs are genetically higher than a bodybuilder. Another reason is that you have just started training. In this case, you will need more protein.

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