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What is a fan?
This mechanism, consisting of wheels rotating with an energy, operates in air transfer. It is necessary to use a fan to direct the air flow and air. Fans used in ventilation systems are called industrial types. These have a different working order than the devices used to cool the air. It is one of the main organs of mechanical ventilation systems used in large public buildings, manufacturing spaces, social spaces, residences and workplaces.

What are the Fan Features?
Ventilators, which are called by various names according to their working principle, are preferred according to the program required by the indoor areas. According to this; There are definitions such as aspirator, fan, blower and blower.

Air suction fans used in ventilation systems are beneficial in eliminating bad air layers. A pressurized ventilator is used to prevent the environmental air layers from penetrating into closed areas. Before moving on to the types of fans, let's take a look at some points to consider in the choice of these mechanisms.

Considerations When Choosing a Ventilator

  • Area size
  • Features of the ambient air to determine the fan quality
  • Compatibility of the fan with other system parts
  • Engine power, air flow rate
  • Air pressure losses in the compartments
  • Static pressure determination

Industrial type fans affect the decrease of the temperature level in the environment and create more spacious areas. The size and engine power of these systems should be determined according to the volume of the room where ventilation and cooling will be made.

Fan Brands
Ventilators, which also vary in terms of mounting options, can be adapted to the wall, floor and the inlets of ventilation systems. These devices provide great benefit in absorbing bad odors and harmful substances as well as cooling the air. The use of ventilators is of great importance in creating fresh air and hygienic work and living spaces.

What are the Types of Fans?
There are many types of fans according to the area and purpose of use. Fans; They serve many purposes such as cooling, drying, ventilation, removing bad odors, air absorption, fresh air, air pressure.

The types of ventilators that are frequently used and meet many purposes are as follows:

1. Cellular Ventilator: Providing a very quiet activation, this typology increases comfort in individual and public workforce areas. It is also frequently preferred in the industry. It has a wide variety of subgroups at low and high flow rates.

2. Radial (Fan) Ventilator: It is the most used product group in ventilation systems. There are varieties according to the air density in the environment and the amount of air to be processed. The fan motor and the duct design through which the air will be transferred will be designed in the light of these variables. Pressure, flow rate and frequency rate are also determined according to the ventilation method needed. They are beneficial in the transfer of fresh air to the environment and the absorption of dust particles in the environment. Apart from these, it is also preferred in cooking groups and drying mechanisms.

3. Axial Ventilator: It is one of the low pressure ventilation systems. They perform an intense air flow program. Generally, it is common to use durable hard steel as a building material. The engine part is heat-resistant aluminum and so on. closed with materials.

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