Photography & Graphic Design

Photography & Graphic Design

Photography is actually a type of art that can make very deep meanings. What is photography? The best answer we can give to the question; It is the transformation of the components that a person sees into visual art with his own infrastructural support, with certain techniques.

In more technical terms, photography is creating an image by recording light on a sensitive surface using a camera. Considering its aesthetic aspect, it is considered an art.

If we want to explain it with the expressions of the digital age, the photograph in an electronic image sensor is the result of charging each pixel with electricity and electronically processing this photograph.

The camera is the device that creates the image. In addition, photographic film or electronic sensor is the sensing medium. Photographers control the camera and lens and expose the necessary light to create film or raw files. Digital cameras use a photosensitive electronic image sensor.

Types of Photography

Black White

In the past, all photographs were actually monochrome, that is, black and white. Color film remained popular even when it became available. Among the reasons for this, we can count both their low cost and their "classic" look to the photographs. Of course, not all black and white photos are just black and white. They come in other colors depending on the various embroideries. Some full color digital photos can be made black and white using editing processes.


Color photography has been developed since the mid 19th century. Early experiments on color photographs required extremely long exposures (hours or even days), and color photographs exposed to white light quickly faded.

The first permanent color photograph was taken in 1861, based on the three-color separation principle of physicist James Clerk Maxwell.

Digital Photography

The first digital camera was built in 1975 by Steven Sasson, an engineer at Kodak, and a group of technicians. The first color digital camera introduced to the mass market was launched by Apple in the USA in 1994.

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