Characteristics of Dogs

From the moment they are born, dogs are affectionate towards people.

Dogs are the only animal species that open their eyes to the world in this way. Therefore, he has already embraced you until you show close proximity to your dog and get used to it.

Your dog will embrace your scent as soon as he realizes you own it. For this reason, it prefers to sleep next to your belongings in the places it is located and this makes them comfortable.

Dogs that have just separated from their mother see their owner as their best friend. If you help a newly adopted dog to control its behavior, they will become your loyal companions.

In addition to being very good friends, people use dogs for many purposes.

Dogs have a very developed sense of smell. Dogs, which have the ability to distinguish thousands of scents according to humans, are also very successful in finding missing people.

Especially police dogs can easily find dangerous substances thanks to the special training they receive. Again, adequately trained dogs can be the best helpers of disabled or blind people.

Just like humans, dogs can train and improve their skills. The most difficult of these trainings is the K9 training. Dogs are hard to find, very expensive.

Dogs that have been living with humans for thousands of years are one of the most beneficial aspects of their help and protection to shepherds.

Some types of dogs help people in cold climates by pulling sleds. They can travel 150 km a day.

Dogs live in almost many parts of the world as domestic and wild.

Dogs with sharp olfactory and hearing abilities are classified as carnivorous mammals.

They are also famous for their loyalty to their owner.

Their lifespan is between 15 and 20 years, depending on many factors.

There are more than 100 dog breeds that differ in appearance and size. Shepherd, hunt, bulldog, police dog, Saint Bernard are among the most well-known breeds.

Dog Care Tips

Comb your pet's fur frequently. Most dogs like this. By brushing your dog's fur, you both contribute to the health of his fur and contribute to the development of the bond between you.

Just because dogs have fur doesn't mean they won't get cold. For this reason, do not leave your dog unprotected outside in cold weather.

Small breed dogs and hairless dogs need dog clothes to keep them cold, especially in winter.

Take time to take your dog for walks. Let him go out with you or someone else in your family at least 2 times a day.

When training your faithful friend, it will be easier to learn if you give orders along with gestures and gestures.

Your dog's collar should always be around his neck. The collar should also contain the name, the name of the owner and some contact information.

For your lovely friend to bond with you, you have to spend a lot of time together.

In order for your dog to live consistently free from fleas, he should undergo a general health check-up on a regular basis, and you should follow all the advice given by your veterinarian.

If you are using a metal bowl and water bowl for feeding, the container may freeze in cold weather and your dog's tongue may stick to the bowl.

In the hot summer months, the metal food bowl can become extremely hot. This situation causes the tongue to burn.

Dogs may perceive your smile as an indicator of aggression by showing your teeth.

Puppies are born blind, deaf and toothless.

Dalmatian dogs are completely white when they are born, with black spots later on.

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