Outdoor Storage & Housing

Outdoor Storage & Housing

Are you looking for great 'garden storage' ideas to tidy up your outdoor space? We can't deny that a shed can be an ideal place to store all your garden supplies. Huts are great, we all love it. But if you don't want to use a valuable outdoor space with an additional building, remember that there are many alternative storage solutions.

Get Rid of the Messy Look in the Garden

Just like our house, our garden is also messy, which prevents a lot of work we want to do. However, it is not difficult to get rid of the mess. It's even fun. So, what solutions are there to save gardens from clutter?

1. Discover the power of storage bins
Whether it's a small balcony or an entire garden, a garden storage box or garden storage bench is perfect for keeping all garden tools together and organized.

2.Add stylish shelves to your garden
You don't have to hide everything in your garden. You may want to hide the bulky lawnmower or tangled hose pipe. However, you can find a practical solution for small objects such as trowels, twine, and watering cans. Shelves mounted behind a wall-based ladder or door are one of the beautiful and practical garden storage alternatives.

3.Choose a small garden storage
A small, narrow garden storage shed can be a great option for storing larger garden tools. You can paint this hut to your taste. You can even make the look even more beautiful with ivy plants. When you enter the hut, which looks small from the outside, you realize how big it is. You can also add plenty of shelves and hooks to maximize its storage potential. Who knows, maybe you can come up with your creative side and say, "Why haven't I gotten into this before?"

4. Save space with a garden 'storage' bench
For outdoor pillows, blankets, and barbecue accessories, you can also invest in garden furniture that can also be used as storage. For example, you can choose the coffee table you will use in your garden from the coffee tables with storage space. These items, which we can call "storage tables", make your garden tidy and stylish. It saves you from the clutter. [video]

5.Use the wall space
Even the smallest wall area can be used well. You can get a ready-made wall storage solution. Or, using your creativity, you can make your own tool hanger by adding hooks to a wooden shelf. Wall hooks and shelves are ideal for tools to be stored neatly and easily accessible.

6.Cests and baskets are the greatest saviors
Chests, baskets, and even old pallets can be great for storing smaller, everyday garden items. They will also be a great detail in a sustainable and environmentally friendly garden

7.Transform your stuff
Items that we have not used for a long time, and perhaps we are thinking of throwing away, deserve another chance to meet a different need. At the same time, the happiness of evaluating them also feels amazing. Think of the old piece of furniture you have been wanting to throw away for months. See if it can be used outdoors, as a garden storage. A chest of drawers or an old writing desk can be perfect for storing a range of items and provide extra space.

8.Make your storage portable
Tired of dragging all your garden tools with you while you work? Get a portable storage. There are many convenient garden storage options with wheels. You can obtain these storage solutions in various sizes. There are also those that are large enough for larger tools and have a removable plastic basket for storing smaller tools. During the day, when you have finished gardening, you can put it in your shed or leave it outside.

9.Plastic containers for soil and fertilizers
Flexible plastic tubs and buckets are ideal for storing open bags of soil that have an irregular appearance. No more waste in your garden! You can paint these bathtubs and buckets according to your taste and get a heartwarming look. Take a pleasant journey on our site for stylish, modern and interior wall, wood and door paint colors that will reflect your style.

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