Outdoor Power Tools

Outdoor Power Tools

Electrical tools, which are one of the basic equipment used in various construction works such as renovation and construction, are known as products that speed up the works in various business lines. Power tools that reduce working time and speed up work; It covers products that appeal to general use with functions such as cutting, screwing, punching. It includes products that appeal to professional use such as carpentry.

Types of Electrical Tools

Including products for many different business lines, the range of power tools includes many products, from screwing tools to lathes and measuring devices.

Cordless screwdrivers and cordless screwdrivers stand out in the screwing group. The drills that are commonly used in homes are also divided into hammer and non-impact drill types. Among the drills that appeal to both daily use and professional use, there are cordless drills that are easily used even in hard-to-reach places.

Nail and stapling machines, which have similar functions to drills and screwdrivers, are electrical, pneumatic and mechanical products. Among the staplers with different functional properties, products suitable for use in hobby work can be found.

There are drills, crushers, grinders, jigsaws, wood and metal saws, foxtail saws and circular saws used in different business lines. Cutting products, each used in a different line of business; It varies with features such as working power, cutting diameter. Apart from the saw group, polishing machines, stone engine types, mixers, welding machines, sheet and sponge cutting machines, scrapers, pneumatic tools and many other products can be counted among electrical tools.

In the industrial cleaning products among the power tool models, cleaning tools, chemicals for cleaning can be supplied with cleaning machines. Among the pneumatic tools, a wide range of products can be accessed, from display inflation tools, air sumon squeezing machines and auxiliary accessories. Other products in the group of power tools are grooving machines, planers, core machines, lifting equipment. [video]

Electric Tool Prices

The prices of electrical appliances covering different products also vary according to the product type. The model and function of the product are among the criteria that determine the price.

Professional products with dual batteries are suitable for higher budgets in drill and screwdriving tools. More affordable products have simpler hardware features.

The same price change is observed in jigsaws and metal saws, and saws with high speed adjustment suitable for workplaces stand out. Circular saws have affordable products that offer safe use. Replacement saw blades are also available at affordable prices.

In polishing machines, the prices of products with high working power and products with changing disc diameters differ. In polishing machines with higher performance and higher working power, the products also vary in many respects depending on the brands.

Electrical tools such as welding machine, air compressors, mini cranes, industrial washing machines, turning tools are also offered to the buyer at different price ranges.

You can compare the prices by examining the types and types of electrical construction devices that have different prices according to their model. You can also get information about the brands of the products you should choose according to your field of study.

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