Grills & Outdoor Cooking

Grills & Outdoor Cooking

Barbecues used to cook meat and vegetables in the garden are powered by coal, gas and electricity. Compared to charcoal grill types, there are also a variety of electrically powered products that cook smokeless and odorless. There are products with different models and features. The usage patterns of the products, whose properties vary according to the area to be used, are also different from each other.

Barbecue Prices and Types

Among the barbecue types with different features, there are products in different sizes designed for balconies, gardens and picnics. Products with skewers are used in covered barbecue varieties, pedestal or practical products in non-capped models, and stylish products with a modern design stand out in grill type barbecue types.

You can learn detailed information about the products by examining double-sided, lidded and tray products, and you can compare models between electric grill barbecues. You can choose small sized products for use in narrow areas such as balconies and terraces. You can choose advantageous products by evaluating the prices and features of the products with thermostats and non-slip feet, which have security measures against overheating in products suitable for home use.

Among the barbecue types, there are also products with different number of pieces. Easily assembled two, three-piece brazier and four or five-piece product varieties are also offered to you. In luxury barbecue varieties, products with glass covers, non-stick bases and washable plates will be the appropriate choice for terraces.

What is a BBQ?

Known as grill or barbecue, barbecue is used to cook seafood, red or white meat, as well as various vegetables, especially in open areas such as balconies, terraces or gardens. The products that allow you to enjoy barbecue with your family and friends both on the balcony and in the garden are distinguished by their various features.

Modern barbecues with covers that work with electricity and allow you to have an odorless, smokeless barbecue will be a good choice for balconies and gardens. Modern products, which attract attention with their compact design, are both easy to store and can be used in different environments. Electric grill barbecues allow you to prepare healthy and delicious meats as they cook meats and vegetables smoke-free. Electric barbecue varieties that heat up faster because they operate with a single button stand out with their quick and easy use. Especially in products that attract attention with their modern design, the temperature setting does not decrease and the meats preserve their taste.

How To Use A Barbecue?

The use of barbecue varieties, which have different types from each other, is also different from each other. Charcoal-fired barbecues require materials such as charcoal and brushwood. Charcoal is put into the barbecue, which is burned with dry wood and various materials, and when the coal is heated well, vegetables and meat are cooked by placing it on the grilled coals. Even if you use different types of barbecues, you must place the barbecue on a flat and solid surface before lighting it.

The grill barbecues in the electrical kitchen appliances work easily. The barbecue, fixed on a flat surface, is heated for 10 minutes at the highest temperature. The temperature is selected according to the type of meat to be cooked in the heated barbecue, the food is placed on it. If it is a model with a barbecue cover, it is necessary to close the cover so that the oil smell does not spread around. If there is a vent cover, the covers are opened to let out the excess steam. Electric barbecues can be cooked according to the taste, since the temperature can be adjusted according to the type of meat.

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