Gardening & Lawn Care

Gardening & Lawn Care

Everyone dreams of having a vibrant, lush, beautiful garden. It is not impossible to realize this dream. Only labor and time are required. Here are eight tips to help beginners and gardeners succeed.

1. What do you want to do in your garden?
Playground, kitchen garden or a sea of ​​flowers for children ...
It is difficult to fulfill all requests together. At the very least, beginners should limit themselves. It will take some time for you to create your own personal paradise. Before starting work, think about what you want to have in your garden: seating areas, playgrounds, flower beds…

2. Take it easy when starting work… When you just buy a house or flat with a garden or field, take it slow the first season. Under the black soil, you can find things left over from the dreams of the previous owner of the garden. Many plants are perennials and bloom from year to year. Other areas may need to be excavated and animated.

3. How much work can you do on your own?
Here it is necessary to strike a balance between time, knowledge and money. For many gardeners, the fun part is doing it all alone. Others leave it to professionals like the garden designer or landscaper. But there are few times when you are completely alone. You can always ask your neighbors for help

4. What is the climate where you live?
Even in a single country, many different regions with difficult conditions can be found. To start, you can contact your local horticultural center or plant breeding farm for advice. Here you can get all the information about plants, climate and soil. Buying random plants without checking can have costly consequences. 5. Length, time and color There are three simple things to consider when planting a flower bed: height, time, and color. Be careful to choose species whose blooming time overlaps; so you can extend the season. Choose colors that match each other. Take care that tall plants do not block short ones.

6.Quality shows itself
You can find cheap gadgets and low priced flowers in supermarkets. However, plants do not grow in bad soil with low nutritional value. Tools need to last more than one season. Buy quality tools and materials! Buy less but better quality things and use them longer.

7.Share with your friends and neighbors
Not everyone in your neighborhood needs their own lawnmower or hoe. Borrow from your neighbors. You can also buy better quality products by sharing the costs.
You can share plants and bulbs with your friends and neighbors, exchange them, give each other tips, suggest strategies, and assist each other in lifting heavy items. And don't forget to invite them to the garden party to thank!

8.Useful tools for those new to gardening:
- A shovel to dig
- a rake
- a lawn mower
- Pruning shears
- High pruning shears
- Irrigation hose and sprinkler system

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