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How to Care for the Garden?

Every garden needs special care in the spring. The soil pressed in winter conditions wants to ventilate, the lawns come to life, and the trees want to be pruned. Aerated soil allows the roots of plants to develop. Renewed lawns are ready for a lush green nature image, and pruned trees are ready for new shoots. If you need suggestions for budding branches to bloom and let the tired soil breathe again, you can maintain your spring garden with the following sequence of work and tips:

Weed removal

In a well-kept garden, there should be colorful flowers, garden accessories, trees that give their new sprouts instead of weeds. For this reason, the priority job of garden maintenance in spring should be weed removal. You can do weed cleaning with your hands by wearing your garden gloves. It is important to remove the weeds from their roots so that they do not grow back. Weeding by hand can cause the roots to remain under the ground, and within a few weeks you may find yourself weeding again. Hoeing machines do the most guaranteed job in weed removal. Cleaning of fallen dried and rotten leaves can also be done with the same machines.

Hedge care and tree pruning

If you have drawn the boundaries of your garden with a live hedge plant, the fence that grows and is not cared for in winter conditions will lose its form in time. For this, you can cut your hedges with secateurs or hedgecutters. Hedgecutters are always more useful for a symmetrical hedge view. With a hedgecutter, you can prune small branches and also care for small shrubs. Before starting the soil aeration work, weed cleaning, hedge cutting and tree pruning must be finished.

Lawn mowing

If your lawn looks lush with Spring, you are lucky. After you have removed pruning, cutting and garden litter, you can take your mower out of the warehouse to refresh your lawn and keep it all in line. Among garden tools, lawn mowers do the most effective job in this regard. If you are going to buy a new lawn mower, you need to choose the one that suits your garden face measurement. Battery run time is important for cordless lawnmowers to get full efficiency. Mechanical lawnmowers are ideal for small gardens. For large gardens, you can choose a high battery capacity or electric lawnmower.

Soil aeration

One of the most basic tasks of garden care is to aerate the soil in areas without grass. The soil that is not ventilated for a long time, pressed and compressed with the effect of cold and rain must be ventilated in order to be productive for the plants it will grow. After weed cleaning in the garden, the soil that shows its face should be aerated. These machines make it easier for you to clean the soil from moss, which is not stepped on in winter conditions and formed by the effect of moisture, from moss every spring. When the soil is aerated, you can plant plants after feeding the soil with fertilizers.

Finishing touches

One of the last jobs of garden maintenance in spring is to remove the mess. You can prepare your own fertilizer by passing rotten leaves and pruned branches through the shredder. After a week, you can use the water containing vitamins while watering the plants you have just planted after keeping the wastes you collect in a barrel in water enough to pass on them. Finally, you can plant the live flowers and saplings you have purchased in your garden and continue your garden pleasure from where you left off. You can examine the accessories of garden tools and the equipment you need for your most enjoyable hobby on our website. Before starting the garden maintenance, you can obtain spare accessories suitable for your machine model.

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