Keyboards & MIDI

Keyboards & MIDI

Midi keyboards have become indispensable for home studios. These instruments made life easier for music producers. But "What is a midi keyboard?", "How to use it?". Before moving on to the answers to these questions, let's clarify the subject of MIDI.

What is MIDI (Musical Instrument Digital Interface)?

MIDI, which fully stands for Musical Instrument Digital Interface, can be explained as a protocol that enables musical instruments to communicate with each other in its simplest definition. This protocol is designed to play, record and modify recorded music on digital synthesizers (synthesizers) supported by manufacturers of sound cards used in many personal computers.

It was originally designed to control one keyboard with another and was quickly adopted by personal computer users. Instead of directly representing and hosting the sound of music, MIDIs transmit information signals about how the music is produced. It communicates with different instruments; It can convert the signals it receives into the sound of any virtual instrument registered in the computer. Music can be created with a standard keyboard using the midi interface.

After making a brief introduction to the musical instrument digital interface, MIDI, we can begin to explain about our main topic, Midi keyboards.

What is MIDI Keyboard?

Midi keyboard is also called control keyboard. Thanks to the midi keyboard, you can check all available midi compatible sounds and programs. With the buttons and keys on the midi keyboards, you can make changes in all the parameters that make up the character of the music being played at the moment. Let's say you composed a composition… You can view all of its data in the interface, you can differentiate all existing parameters with the midi keyboard. You can speed up a slow music, slow down a fast music, change the durations of the notes and create a completely different piece from the existing piece. Moreover, what you can do using the Midi keyboard is not limited to this.

Midi protocol normally consists of numbers from 0 to 120. What do these numbers mean?
It is the same for all instruments it comes from. However, midi keyboards produced by different brands may be equipped with additional features. Midi keyboards are produced in different sizes and with different feature sets. Basic models only have keys. Some models have buttons that can be used to change the virtual controls that can be displayed in the fusion and music software. For this reason, apart from changing the rhythm or flow of the music, it is possible to add effects in between, thanks to this signal transmitter.

Usually, midi keyboards that connect to the computer via USB are piano-style keyboards. But only the connection option is not USB. MIDI keyboard cables can also be connected to the sound card. In this case, the quality of the music will increase in direct proportion to the quality. Midi keyboards work by sending their signals to the music software. For example, when you have a virtual piano VSTI installed on your computer, you can get real piano sounds via MIDI keyboards.

How to Use a MIDI Keyboard?

Before using midi keyboards, which are considered indispensable in the studio recording process, must be connected to the computer. Depending on the feature of the midi keyboard and whether or not you have a sound card, this process is performed by connecting the midi cables to the sound card or via USB.

When establishing the USB connection, the driver software of the Midi keyboard must be downloaded if necessary. Then USB must be plugged in and DAW configured. The DAW configuration can be different for each Midi keyboard. In the user manual of the products, there is information about how to proceed for which DAW. After the installation is complete, midi keyboards can be used. At this point, the important thing is to know that each keyboard can have its own characteristics and to have all the information about what can be done with the product and to use it in the most efficient way.

Advantages of Using a MIDI Keyboard

1.Midi Keyboards Are Not Complicated
Unlike devices that require specific knowledge and experience, midi keyboards can be used in a simple way. It is also easy to connect, as well as to configure DAW. Usually a simple connection to the computer is established with a USB cable. For many people, using Midi keyboards is similar to playing the piano. The distinction is that signals are sent on the midi keyboard instead of sound. It provides the opportunity to make good and different music and plays a role in the development of musical knowledge due to its similarity to the piano.

2.The Perfect Melodies Can Be Created With Midi Keyboards
Perfect melodies can be created with midi keyboards when the goal is to compose a song, create background music for poetry, or create music for pure fun. Moreover, it provides the most effective sound quality for the best melodies. Due to this feature, he is in a position to receive professional service in the music industry where competition is intense. It also helps to increase the chances of people who are not but confident in their creativity.

3.You Overcome the Difficulties of Making Music with Midi Keyboards
Having a midi keyboard has become a necessity rather than a choice nowadays. Standard
The difficulty of making music using keyboards and mice was also noticed by the midi keyboards. Using traditional keyboards and a computer mouse, it will be difficult and troublesome to achieve natural results achieved with midi keyboards. With a purpose-built midi keyboard, it will be easier than ever to get caught up in the flow of music and create new works.

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