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Home Decor

What is Decoration?

Decoration is the art of decorating the interior and exterior of the building type structures we build. Throughout history, we see that people decorated their living spaces in some way. This is due to people's desire to reflect their inner world and tastes into the environment in which they live. We try to create environments where we enjoy living and spending time. At the same time, we would like to convey the elegance of the space that we decorate with our own personality to other people. The house we live in, our working environment or our garden reflect our personality in a way. While creating an environment where we can find peace, the decoration work we do with objects and design products is called decoration.

The Importance of Decoration

We spend most of our lives in closed environments. Especially in our home and workplace! These are places where we spend most of our time; It has a power that directly affects our peace, energy and relationships. It is known that the colors and objects used in decoration cause different effects on people. Because of these effects, it should not be overlooked that decoration is important not only for our home but also for our workplace. For example, a professional store decorates the interior in a way that makes its customers comfortable. He tries to make his customers shop more with this elite look he designed. It tries to focus your attention on the products and free them from confusing details. The layout, decoration, fragrance, music, colors and lights in the store are all tools that serve this purpose. There is a similar understanding in office decoration designs. The decoration aims to provide employees with a peaceful, comfortable and productive environment. Because the design of the environment affects productivity, it affects not only the form, but also the essence. Details that may adversely affect working performance and distract are avoided. A simple look and design is preferred.

Decoration in the Far East

It is especially important to examine the far east countries in this regard. It is well observed how China and Japan apply some of their belief philosophies from the past to their living spaces. Living spaces designed with these philosophies cleanse the human soul from confusing details. It is seen that they aim to bring calmness and peace both mentally and physically. According to Feng Shui, which is a Chinese teaching, everything around us has an energy. According to the Japanese Zen philosophy, the approach that emphasizes the idea of ​​"Less is more" aims to bring inner peace to our living spaces. According to these two life philosophies, the spaces we enter have a soul. Some places give peace as soon as we step in, while others overwhelm them.

When we enter a place we have never known, a house or a store, the air there envelops us. Spaces have energy. And this energy not only affects our mood, it also affects our behavior. The simplest example… The cleanliness of an environment ensures that those who come there also comply with cleanliness. However, in a street full of garbage, the majority will see no harm in throwing trash on the floor. James G. Wilson and George L. Kelling call this condition "Broken Glass Syndrome". Depends on the situation; The process of turning a street into a crime zone begins with the breaking of a single pane first. According to this theory, there is no reaction from the environment and if the glass is not repaired immediately, passers-by think that there is no authority that maintains order in that region. Over time, other glasses begin to break, and garbage begins to accumulate. Then bigger crimes come, and after a while that street turns into a zone that even the police cannot enter.

As can be understood from the examples we have given, spaces play an effective role in determining our behavior. For such reasons, interior decoration becomes unpredictably important. Of course, wall decoration plays the most important role in interior decoration design.

Interior decoration

Interior decoration is a set of works created for designing spaces. In this way, stylish and comfortable designs are created for living spaces. The purpose of interior decoration design is to enable people to make the most of a space.

  • Creating larger areas,
  • To create more useful areas,
  • Providing visual integrity,
  • To create brighter environments,

Bringing a quality look to the space are just a few of the features that reflect why interior decoration design is important. Interior decoration ensures the realization of such purposes. At the same time, it serves us by contributing to our homes and workplaces, which are our living spaces.

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