Heating, Cooling & Air Quality

Heating, Cooling & Air Quality

In today's world, construction equipment has replaced manpower. In industry, machines and robots do the work done with the physical strength of human beings. Many works are carried out by the automation systems installed in the offices. As a result, people no longer use their physical strength in both their work and social spheres. What is the human role in many jobs where machines, robots and established automation systems play an active role? What power has physical performance replaced?

When we examine the personnel investments of many companies in the world market, we find the answers to the above questions. Mental strength and performance ...

Thinking fast and making decisions.
To determine what consequences will result before implementing the decision.
Analyzing and evaluating the results obtained
Putting the decision into practice.
All these activities are just a few of the performances expected from responsible personnel in the workplaces.

Can our mind always meet the performance expected of us unconditionally? Unfortunately not.

What our mind expects from us to work with high efficiency; Habits such as proper nutrition and regular sleep are gains that many of us are aware of. However, there are also conditions that we are not aware of but need. [video]

People need comfort in order to exercise their thinking power efficiently. The indispensable element of expected comfort is "right air". It is very difficult to provide the right air naturally in closed environments such as residences, shopping malls, offices and workplaces. For this, compulsory systems are needed. All of the forced systems established to provide the correct air are called "Air Conditioning Systems".

Air conditioning systems remove the used air that exists in the environment. Instead, it gives fresh air to the environment. It heats or cools the fresh air it takes from the atmosphere before it is presented to the environment. It balances the humidity rate that the heating or cooling processes change. As long as all these principles are met, the systems installed will fulfill the air conditioning task.

Some of the air conditioning systems used today are as follows.


  • Air handling units
  • Rooftops
  • Ventilation systems with heat recovery devices
  • Cooling (Chiller) groups
  • VRF Air Conditioning Systems

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