Household Supplies

Household Supplies

Practical kitchen items that make kitchens enjoyable. If you don't run under stress while cooking, the kitchen is one of the most comfortable places in the house. Getting the best results in a pleasant and comfortable way in the kitchen; At the same time, our biggest helper to save money is small kitchen tools.

Tips on the most important kitchen gadgets

Cooking is fun; However, we should not go into unnecessary processes in the kitchen that will tire ourselves. We can share jobs with many useful kitchen tools that will make our job easier. Let's get to know some of them closely.


It does more than just boil the tea water. Kettle is an indispensable member of kitchens. It saves you time when you need boiled water to prepare pasta or any other meal. In general, water heaters turn off automatically after the water is boiled. So you can continue to take care of your other business without waiting.

Hand mixer and food processor

Both tools take the tedious work of mixing and kneading from your hands and allow you to easily prepare delicacies such as cream and cake batter in minutes. Hand mixers are the biggest helpers in small jobs. Multi-featured food processors will be very useful for hobby confectioners and cooks. You can also chop, grate or cut vegetables with the food processor.

Kitchen scale

You can measure certain materials using a measuring cup. But with the kitchen scale, you can measure and adjust the ingredients precisely. One of the innovative features of digital kitchen scales is the tare function. Thus, the weight of the bowl and container you use is taken from the total weight. You place the container empty on the scale and press a button depending on the model. You can continue weighing the ingredients you want without the need to change the container.

Maintenance of kitchen utensils

Regular maintenance and cleaning is essential for your kitchen utensils to be free from bacteria and long-lasting. Aggressive cleaning detergents can damage sensitive surfaces, and surfaces may become dull and lose their shine. It is useful to stay away from hard cleaning cloths and brushes. Take care to wash the removable parts with lukewarm water and mild detergents. Alternatively, you can use baking soda for greasy dirt. You can remove lime with vinegar and lemon juice without using any chemicals.

Indispensable kitchenware

We introduce you to the most important auxiliary kitchen tools that are your biggest supporters while preparing excellent meals.

Kitchen knife

With a sharp and good kitchen knife, you can easily and quickly cut fish, vegetables or bread. There are different types of knives you can use for different food products. Since the bread knife is sharpened long and wavy, it can also cut fresh bread without crumbling. You can make your life easier with a nice set of knives for different functions.

Cutting boards

Cutting boards are one of the must-have auxiliary tools in the kitchen. It is used as a protective base in cutting and chopping operations and protects your countertop against scratches. So which one is better? There are cutting boards in different sizes made of wood, plastic and glass. All of them must be properly cleaned. They should be washed at at least 60 degrees.


It is very easy to stir and turn the food with the spatula, which is usually used for pan dishes. It is important that the spatula is heat resistant. When using non-stick coating pans, be careful not to damage your pan from the spatula. The most suitable spatula models are the varieties with stainless steel handles or soft plastic heads made of bamboo.

Cooking spoon

The cooking spoon is the hidden hero in the kitchen. It is the inseparable friend of soups, sauces, casseroles and many more dishes in pots and pans. Mixing dishes is much more comfortable thanks to its ergonomic and long handle (usually 30 cm). As with normal tablespoons, there is no risk of falling into the meal with a moment of carelessness.


Unlike many other utility utensils, ladles usually take center stage after the cooking process is finished. However, it can also take place in the food preparation phase. You should also use a ladle to put a liquid dough such as pancake in the pan.


It has different functions. After boiling the pasta, you will need a special pasta strainer to drain the water. You can also pass your salad, fruit and vegetables through such a large perforated strainer. Fine mesh strainers can be used for draining soups.

Helpers to Provide Convenience in the Kitchen

Would you like to save time in the kitchen in a few simple ways? Be sure to consider these tips to make life easier and faster in the kitchen.

  1. Place wooden tablespoons horizontally on the pan to prevent your food from spilling.
  2. For the fried egg to be more fun, put the steel cookie shape into the pan and prepare the egg inside.
  3. In order to cut your cakes and pastries better, hold your knife under hot water first.
  4. Use the microwave to make an omelet in just 45 seconds. For this, it is enough to whisk the egg in a cup beforehand.

High quality knives

As those who spend a lot of time in the kitchen know well, high-quality knives are the most effective helpers when preparing food. Working with the wrong knife cannot get the desired result and also loses time and the knife can easily slip out of his hand. There are different knives and blade steels depending on the food to be prepared and the way you work. So how should a quality knife be? Find out what to watch out for here.

1. First class steel blade

Blade steel contains chromium and carbon.

It is a very special and high quality product. It has permanent sharpness, resistance to abrasion and long life.

2. Conical sharpened blades

Thanks to the multi-stage sharpening process, an ideal blade profile and a permanent sharpness are provided. With its sharpness and cutting feature, this knife is well above DIN norms.

3. Knife handle with finger protection

It is shaped to protect the hand between the knife handle and the transition steel.

Thus, it is safer during cutting.

Provides equal weight distribution in cutting process.

4. Ergonomic handle knife

The high-quality edges are dirt-repellent thanks to the continuous processing of the handle and blade transition. The knife with a full handle provides a comfortable and secure hold in the hand.

Multi-purpose knives

Multi-purpose knives are among the indispensable helpers of kitchens. Ideal for cutting vegetables and fruits. It is also very suitable for cutting small pieces of meat. The steel of multi-purpose blades is narrow and 9-15 cm long. The longer the blade, the more the area of ​​use. Short blades can provide a little more ease of use.

Bread knife

Bread knives are likened to saws due to their long and strongly waved sharpening shape. Thanks to its large grooves, it can easily cut hard-shelled breads, on the other hand, it cuts very soft and fresh breads without crushing. You can also cut a tomato and a juicy piece of meat with a bread knife.

Chef's knife

The chef's knife can also be used comfortably in different operations in the kitchen. It is also known as a cooking knife. It is a thin and double-sided flat sharpened blade type. It is wider than multi-purpose blades and generally has a length between 15 and 26 cm. The ideal usage areas of the chef's knife are also wide. Cutting meat; cutting fried meat, fish or vegetables; It also includes cutting and weighing greens and onions. It is an indispensable tool for cooks.

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