Grocery & Gourmet Food

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Grocery & Gourmet Food

What is gourmet? Who is called gourmet?

Gourmet is a general name given to people who have the ability to distinguish between the flavors of the food, have developed and sensitive taste. So a gourmet can distinguish between good and bad flavors. It is the person who knows how to eat. Gourmets are people who have an expert interest in eating and drinking and have a certain taste. They know how to enjoy the food.
Gourmets with a high food culture also have good food and drink manners. They are people who know not only the food but also how those dishes are made in the kitchen. Gourmet is more shaped in French cuisine. Due to the fact that very heavy meals were made in the French cuisine in the 16th century, they had a say in the kitchen for radical changes in the food culture with the personal care of King Louis the 16.
They have an interest and knowledge not only in food but also in everything related to their taste. Wine culture also has an important place at this point. Gourmet is not a hobby or innate. Many people outline gourmet as a way of life. A special effort is required for this. Gourmets have the ability to evaluate food tastes according to different cultures. For example, the differences between two different flavors made from a meal of the same type are of particular interest to gourmets.
Gourmets attach great importance to the kitchen, ie the production stage. They need to have information on many subjects, from the fields where the products are produced to the other ingredients in the kitchen. Gourmets don't just tell you how to cook, eat or drink food. They also know how to serve food in the best way possible. At this point, they are also responsible for the table layout and space temperature.
For Gourmet, first theoretical knowledge and then practical part should come. It is not enough for you to be limited to theory only. You should follow the tasting techniques that will improve your taste. It is necessary to be interested not only in the country cuisine, but also in the world cuisine. A good gourmet turns his culinary experiences into opportunities and incorporates them into his experience. Gourmets must be open to innovations and differences due to their profession. They need to know everything from lobster to meat, from olives to wine.

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