Wearable Technology

Wearable Technology

Wearable technology is one of the fastest growing sectors of the technology industry. Used in basic fitness trackers, highly advanced smart watches, virtual and augmented reality headsets and more.

What is wearable technology?

Wearable devices are loaded with smart sensors that track body movements. Typically, these products use bluetooth, Wi-Fi and mobile internet connectivity to wirelessly synchronize with the smartphone. Users connect to wearable devices with the help of sensors. It helps those who want to achieve goals such as staying fit and active, losing weight, and being more regular. It helps to monitor general mental and physical health. Wearable technology products that are always with the user; It provides important services in many areas including entertainment, health, business, information, education, socialization and security.

What Is Its Place In The Future?
Wearable technology products include smart watches, body sensors, smart glasses, electronic clothing, jewelry and personal video recorders. These products are used for purposes such as protective clothing, location tracking, life tracking, healthcare, wearable web, sports performance, health and activity tracking. The increasingly compact structure of the designed devices and the decrease in costs may change certain processes of the business world in the future. Wearable technology can be used to determine where employees are, in which direction they travel, and their speed. Mobile working conditions can be created by collecting data automatically with GPS. With this method, employers can access real-time information where the personnel are located and monitor whether the employees are working efficiently. In the current process, wearable technology products; It can measure heart rate, sweating, temperature changes, muscle activity and body fat composition. In the future, by increasing the number of sensors interacting with the body, it can become capable of measuring every change in the body. With wearable technology products, we can learn about many issues such as blood sugar, minerals passing through the kidneys, and the amount of vitamins taken with foods, which create significant changes in the body.

What Are Wearable Technology Examples?
Some examples of wearable technologies that make life easier and more enjoyable:

Smart watches
It aims to provide easy access to the basic features of smart watches, phones and tablets. For example, when your phone rings, you can turn on your phone with the help of your smart watch and make your call with the smart watch. You can take photos, listen to music and communicate where you are with the built-in GPS feature.

Location trackers
GPS tracking devices that children and pets can carry are also among the wearable technology products. These devices can be placed in any living or non-living object that the user is afraid of losing. These devices, which show the time and can make voice calls, can provide complete information about where the person is, thanks to the location tracking mechanism. Location trackers, which also include an emergency button in case of need, are among the wearable technologies that parents especially like.

Health and fitness tracking devices
Health and fitness tracking devices that can be worn on a belt or wrist are the most widely used wearable technology products. These devices, which can measure your heart rate, what you eat and drink for 24 hours, your exercises and sleep patterns, and even how light or heavy you sleep depending on your movement during sleep, behave like a personal trainer.

Smart textiles
Smart textile products, which are expected to have all the fitness features of smart watches and wristbands in the near future, have started to take their place in the fashion world. For example; Designed using durable fabrics, smart coat types automatically adjust to the ambient temperature thanks to the smart sensors placed on both the inner and outer surfaces. Wearable technology, which has been used in many textile products, seems to be in our lives with much more different designs in the future.

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