eBook Readers & Accessories

eBook Readers & Accessories

In recent years, interest in e-books has increased. Those who love the scent of books are still distant to e-books. However, e-book readers, which carry hundreds of books and files together, are an indispensable product for many readers.

What is eBook Reader?
E-book readers are portable electronic devices for reading digital books, more commonly e-books. They are designed to be used for long hours with low power consumption. Unlike traditional electronic device screens, its displays use e-ink technology that does not tire the eyes and consume much power. Also known as e-book readers or e-readers.

How do ebook readers work?
Ebooks, which you can think of as the digital version of traditional books, are available as a file on devices. Although the formats supported by your device are different, .txt, .epub, .pdf, .azw, and .mobi are among the common formats known.

You can throw your ebook files to ebook readers in different ways. You can download your e-books or transfer files downloaded externally by connecting to the library supported by WiFi.

How to use e-book readers?
While old ebook readers were key-controlled, many ebook readers today have a touchscreen. So you can use the screen to open a book or turn pages. Some models have a button in addition to the touch screen to facilitate one-handed operation.

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