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Jewelry Types and Care

Jewelry and jewelery have always been of great importance to people. It is invaluable both for its beauty and for emphasizing the personal style. Thanks to its value, sparkle and magnificent shapes, magnificent jewelery and jewelery pieces come out. We also use it fondly for a long time.

Everyone, big and small, loves gold. Pure gold, with its 99.9% gold ratio, is often preferred in the use of accessories as the most elegant and precious metal. Since pure gold is very soft, various alloys are made nowadays to change some of the properties of gold. The purpose is to make it more durable in daily use. Depending on the material used or added, beautiful and unique colored ornaments come out.

What alloys are there under?

Yellow gold
Yellow gold is optically not easily distinguishable from pure gold. It is more robust. Its price is much lower than pure gold. To obtain yellow gold, pure gold is mixed with silver and copper in a 1: 1 ratio. With the effect of the silver ratio, the red tone of copper is balanced and thus the golden color we know is emerging.

White gold
White gold owes its light color to the mixture of pure gold with silver, platinum and other metallic elements. It has a wide color range from light white to gray white. A yellowish or bluish color may also occur. To obtain a homogeneous and light color, white gold is plated with rhodium.

Red / rose gold
Reddish gold draws attention with its color. This special color is obtained by mixing pure gold with copper. The higher the copper content, the more intense the reddish hue. Color nuances range from the delicate pinkish-red hue to a deeper shade of red. Rose gold contains a higher percentage of gold and is preferred because of its light color.

Timeless and elegant silver jewelry
Timeless silver jewelry always conquers hearts with their elegance. Pure silver is also too soft to work like pure gold. Sterling silver, which is 995 carat, is used for this. The alloy used here contains 93% silver. Due to its light color, silver jewelry looks brighter and more vibrant.

Pearls and crystals: small touches meet stylish details
High quality jewelery creates a simple and elegant look without too much trim or embroidery. Shimmering ornamental stones, sparkling crystals and pearls are beautiful details that appeal to the eyes. Earrings, necklaces and bracelets gain a more elegant look with little touches and embroidery.

What elements are jewelry made of?

Not only does it impress with its mother-of-pearl shine, it also captivates with its atmosphere full of mystery. It is still unknown how and why some shellfish such as oysters form pearls. Selected freshwater pearls are generally used in the production of ornamental jewelery. The bigger and brighter the pearl, the higher its value as an ornamental element. The irregularities on the surface of the pearls decrease their value. The most preferred pearls for bracelets and necklaces are those with flat, round or baroque surfaces. Drop-looking pearls are preferred to create stylish earrings. [video]

Zircon is a kind of diamond imitation and it is a synthetic crystal produced in a laboratory environment. Diamond cut zircon stone reflects the light very well. The only stone that can prevent it is the natural diamond stone that it has taken as an example. Zircon stone is slightly heavier, matte and soft than diamond. However, it is more accessible due to its affordable price. As with diamonds, zircon stones also have different color varieties.

Jewelry care
After a certain time, your used ornaments may lose their former shine. Especially silver jewelry can darken very quickly. However, this tarnishing does not indicate that it is a low quality silver. Sulphide layer formation is a natural process and is a reaction that occurs as a result of the combination of silver with sulfur in the air.

Tip: Clean blackened silver jewelery with aluminum foil and salt.

Other methods of jewelry care
Water and soap will be sufficient for cleaning gold jewelery. For this, it will be sufficient to lightly brush the jewelry with a soft brush and then dry it thoroughly with a soft cloth and polish it. Or, you can clean your gold chain by soaking it in a water that you added a denture cleanser tablet overnight. Gently polish the pearls and gemstones with a soft cloth.

Keep your jewelry right
Store your jewelry in a small jewelry bag by wrapping it in a cotton cloth. Keep away from humid environments such as bathrooms as much as possible. Otherwise, it may cause darkening. You can put a piece of chalk in the storage bag or box of your jewelry so that it does not absorb the moisture and harmful substances in the ambient air.

What kind of jewelry should be suitable for me?
Anything you like is the right choice; However, not all materials and models are suitable for every person. For example, in people with dark skin, yellow gold makes the skin glow in an even more beautiful color. It is recommended that those with a slightly paler skin color use white gold or silver.

Models of ornamental jewelery are also important. Ornamental jewelery in large, angular or oval forms looks more beautiful on rounded and plump silhouettes. Small and elegant jewelry can show itself better on the thin neck, arm or fingers.

When do you want to use your jewelry?
If you want to use your ornamental jewelry every day, you can choose more elegant jewelry, especially considering the business life. An earring, chain or bracelet with ornamental stones may be the right choice for this.

Remarkable jewelry will be more suitable for special moments or occasions. For example, when you are going to a wedding or party, you can choose more eye-catching jewelry. If you wish, you can choose a single piece of jewelry or complete your outfit with a jewelry set.

Which jewelery goes with which outfit?
Often times, even a worn piece of jewelery is enough to transform your outfit into a different mood. Your jewelry can be the same color as the outfit you choose, or it can create a contrast. This is entirely your taste. Gold jewelery can go well with a stronger and patterned summer dress or a tunic. Pearl jewelery, on the other hand, creates a classic elegance when combined with a black dress.

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