Makeup in its most general form; It is an application that allows to make changes on the appearance with various cosmetic products and to cover the defects that are desired to be hidden. The aim of women with make-up is to bring beauty and attractiveness to the fore.

Nowadays, make-up application is not an indispensable habit only for women. Men who want to be well-groomed also use small makeup techniques. In addition, different make-up techniques are applied to the actors in movies, theaters or other stage plays.

What Are The Types Of Makeup?

We can divide make-up into two main categories, daily and night make-up. However, it is not right to restrict and classify make-up within certain limits. Because make-up changes depending on when the woman wants her life, what mood she is and what emotions she wants to reflect on her face.

A neglected woman can spend the day wearing very dark eye makeup. A woman who is going to an invitation at night can wear very light tones and a vague make-up. If we talk about make-up types in general;

Daily - Natural Makeup
In daily life, people generally want to look natural and well-groomed. It is sufficient to add an outfit chosen according to the style of the person and a light makeup to the well-groomed hair. In daily make-up, a moisturizer suitable for the skin type is applied first. A foundation is applied to cover the skin imperfections. Powder is applied on the foundation with light touches to cover the shine of the skin. In recent years, creams that are lighter than foundation and more practical to apply have become indispensable for women.

If you use concealer or highlighter under your eyes, be careful to do this in moderation. Do not put any color eyeshadow on your eyes. Instead, apply the powder you applied to your skin 1-2 times on your eyes with the help of a sponge. Since the powder you apply is in the same tone with your skin color, it will give you a natural appearance by giving it an air that has not been treated.

Afterwards, you can complete your make-up with a layer of mascara and a light-toned lipstick. On the blush part, experts recommend peach tones, especially during daytime. On dusky, white or brown skin, peachy blushes provide a truly natural look.

Night Makeup
The purpose of night makeup is the opposite of that of day makeup. Remarkable colors are used. On nights such as weddings, invitations, special meals, women want all the attention and admiration. In this direction, dark and striking colors can be used as desired, without any restrictions.

The first step in night make-up is to start by applying a moisturizer, as with any make-up. Then, with the help of a brush, apply the foundation to all the skin, including the décolleté area. You can apply the concealers you use to brighten your eyes and nose. You can apply eyeshadow in gray, pink or skin tones and make dark shadows in the tones of your outfit.

You can make your eyes look bigger by applying dark eyeshadows to your lower eyelashes and spreading them in a thin line. Eyeliner is indispensable for night make-up. You can pull it a little longer and curled to have more impressive looks. Mascara, on the other hand, should be more intense than daytime make-up, preferably you can use false eyelashes. If you have sparse or light eyebrows, you can use eyebrow pencils that are popular in recent years.

Experts describe the most ideal blush method as follows: It should be applied with 2 fingers from the nose and 2 fingers from the lips. If you apply your blush with this method, your cheekbones will ideally become clear.
You should definitely apply a lip liner before lipstick, so you will prevent the lipstick from spreading. The color of the lipstick should of course be red or burgundy. Finally, by applying bright illuminators to your eye fountains and under the eyebrows, you can complete your make-up for the night.

We can also include contour make-up, which is very popular in recent years and has been increasing day by day, into the night make-up class. Because in this style, which is used to change the contours of the face, layers of concealers are applied to the skin. In terms of both the length of the construction phase and the weight it gives to the skin, it can be described as very far from natural make-up.

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