Hair Care

Hair Care

Hair care means protecting our hair and keeping it alive, one of our most valuable accessories. Having well groomed hair is the basis of looking good. You know, but your hair is so sensitive that it can shrink, refuse to grow, become dull, and have a matte appearance due to the wrong care products. Yes it's not a joke. Really, if you do not know your hair well, if you do not meet your needs adequately, if you apply unconsciously, you will get shabby hair that cannot help you from being worn out. I don't think you would want that either. Therefore, the best and most important thing to do is to know your hair and skin type well and to do the appropriate procedures for them. When it comes to hair care, don't think of going to the hairdresser and having your hair applied a lot. Because hair care starts with choosing the right shampoo. Shampoos, conditioners, hair masks and special care treatments follow. Well-groomed hair is not only this, but it should also be supported with styling products, intensifying products, anti-loss products and hair oils.

To have well groomed hair 

1- You need to choose the right shampoo and conditioner suitable for your hair type and skin type. There may be changes in your hair from time to time as a result of seasonal, seasonal or unconscious use of hair care products. If this problem you are experiencing is related to dandruff, for example, using the anti-dandruff products of the same brand without changing the brand you use will meet the periodic needs of your hair. Likewise, it would be a good idea to use the conditioner produced by that brand for dry hair. In such a situation, the important thing is to stick with the main brand you use. Because the shampoo ingredients of the brands are basically the same. When you intend to use a product with a different ingredient, your hair will be very likely to react to this situation.

2- Hair also needs nutrition and moisture. For this reason, you should nourish your hair with natural masks or cures. You can benefit from cures containing natural ingredients that will be healthy for your hair. Thus, you can protect your hair from abrasive processes before or after your hair treatment. Adding various oils to your shampoo is also a very useful form of care for your hair. For example, argan oil is ideal for your hair. You can apply it to your damp hair after getting out of the shower or after your hair is dry. In addition, using care sets that will provide keratin support to your hair will also ensure that you have vibrant and shiny hair.

3- Hair that has been subjected to too much treatment will lose its moisture and vitality, will tend to harden and break easily. For this reason, avoid applying too much heat or heavy chemical styling products to your hair. Take care to use shapers with natural ingredients such as milk, olive oil and honey. If you have hair growth problems, stop doing these procedures and see how fast your hair grows. In addition to the rapid growth, you will not be able to believe in the vitality they will regain. You should know your hair well and follow their reactions in order to understand and solve the periodic problems of your hair. Do not forget that your hair is nourished by your skin. For this reason, in every period when the needs of your skin change, the needs of your hair will also change according to it. Before applying, remember that your hair and skin are parts of a whole and need equal care.

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