Dating back to Mesopotamia and Egyptian civilizations, perfume is a must in daily life. The perfume, which was used by the French for a period to prevent and hide bad odors, has been among the habits and obligations of people since the 19th century.


Finding the perfume that reflects your mood and suits your skin and style may not be as easy as you think. The effect of the perfume, which changes according to the chemistry of the body, on the skin also depends on your eating habits, stress and hormonal differences. This means that not all perfumes have the same effect on everyone. For this reason, it is very important that it is suitable for your skin and is in harmony with your body chemistry while buying perfume. The scents you choose will not only reflect your personality, but also leave a sense of remembered for you.

There are layers of fragrance in the perfume that take turns one after the other as time progresses. Among the layers divided into upper, middle, and lower, the lightest and most temporal scent you hear are the top notes. In other words, it is the first smell your nose feels when you spray a perfume. Although this stage is the most important part in perfume selection, these are the fragrances that evaporate the fastest. After this scent layer, which usually includes light fruits and citrus fruits, comes the middle note layer. After the first 20 minutes of spraying the perfume, the top notes disappear and you are left with the middle notes, which are the essence of the perfume. This layer, which usually consists of a mixture of floral and fruit fragrances, can also be enhanced with spice breezes. At this stage, you will smell the most beautiful and dazzling fragrance of the perfume. In a sense, the theme of the perfume is this middle layer. This layer leaves its place to the lower notes after a while. This layer is the place that characterizes the permanence of your perfume. It determines the permanence criteria of the perfume. The bottom notes, which take on the task of maintaining the effect of the perfume for a long time, vary completely according to the quality of the product and its harmony with the skin. The most popular base notes are usually cedarwood, sandalwood and vanilla.

The Importance of Choosing the Right Perfume

Perfumes should be preferred differently as day and night. While softer and lighter fragrances are used in daily use, more persistent and heavy fragrances may be preferred at night.

Since the hair has a feature of absorbing odor, the hair is very good at carrying and spreading the perfume. Fragrance distribution is also very intense in areas with intense blood circulation. Since areas such as the wrist, neck, temples, ankles and collarbone are areas where blood circulation is fast, perfume is also very suitable for use.

Contrary to what is known, behind the ear is a very bad choice for perfume use. Since there are no oil glands in this area, perfume can dry the skin and have an aging effect. The permanence of the perfume is not only related to the applied area, it is also related to the structure of the skin. The effect and permanence of the perfume applied to a moist skin is more intense. For this reason, the use of perfume should be preferred after showering, even the permanence of the perfume should be increased by applying body lotion beforehand.

Since heat and light are the enemy of perfume, perfume should be avoided, especially when sunbathing. The biggest mistake made after perfume is applied is rubbing, for example, in the wrist application. This action destroys the structure of the perfume molecules and can cause changes and deterioration in the odor. Perfumes sprayed at close range can cause stains on clothes. For this reason, perfume should be applied from longer distances or the clothes should be affected by the perfume by spraying it into the air.

A fragrance that integrates with your skin and soul and lasts for a long time will also become your signature and make you more memorable by reflecting it.

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