Foot, Hand & Nail Care

Foot, Hand & Nail Care

Quotes are your business card. Even if you don't notice it, it is your nails that give the first information about you to your surroundings. For example, your long nails will reveal themselves while holding tightly so that the file in your hand does not fall off, or the wiped tips of the nail polish do not go unnoticed when you are shaking hands with someone. That's why nail care is a routine care that should not be disrupted.

Let's take a closer look at the nail

Although they are always in front of our eyes, we do not know much about our nails. Let's get to know our nails…

Nails consist of a protective substance called 'keratin'. The purpose of the nails is to protect the fingers from impacts and to grasp small objects. The nails are dark pink in color and have a hard, flexible and smooth texture. For this reason, the care of our nails, which we use during the day when we are aware or not, is very important.

How should nail care be?

Having great looking, well-groomed nails is actually not easy at all. Throughout the day, your nails may break, nail polish may deteriorate, and various ailments such as fungus may occur due to intensive use or a moment of carelessness. That's why it is of primary importance to maintain nail care regularly and to be able to determine what your nails really need.

Tips for nail care

You can have gorgeous looking finger and toe nails by paying attention to the following;
If you use nail polish frequently, take breaks of 2-3 days from time to time to let your nails breathe. Also, dark nail polishes can cause the nails to turn yellow. Change your nail polish colors.

Be careful not to use alcohol-based lotions.

Sun, cleaning materials, etc. external factors damage your nails. For this reason, make it a habit to use sunscreen when going out and gloves when doing housework.

Trim your nails regularly once a week.

Pay attention to your diet. Foods rich in calcium, B vitamins and iron also nourish your nails. You can also strengthen your nails by applying almond oil regularly or by consuming a few raw almonds every day. Do not neglect to drink plenty of water.

Treat your nails several times a week. Continue the care that you will begin by massaging your fingers, nail cutting, trimming with a nail file, pushing or removing cuticles.

Before applying nail polish, apply a coat of base on your nails. You can use polish or nail nourisher as a base.

Get a professional manicure-pedicure on your nails once a month.

Since diseases such as nail fungus are mostly caused by a lack of hygiene, go to centers where you are sure of their hygiene for manicure-pedicure procedures.

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