Diapers are the easiest to use among baby care products. They are also the products that run out the fastest. For many years, diapers have been produced in disposable form.
Considering the old, washed and used diapers, the value of today's diapers is better understood.

It is very important to choose the right diaper for your baby. Almost every baby's body type and skin type are different from each other. In this case, it is necessary to decide on which diaper to use for which baby. The diaper used in the first child and satisfied may not be good for the second child. Likewise, you can use a diaper that you are not satisfied with for your first child and you can use it much more comfortably on your second child.

Diaper Types

Especially parents who have just born their first child want the best of everything for their babies, like every parent. But while striving to find the best, they feel lost among many brands and product options. They often complain that they are indecisive.

Diapers can show different results in almost every child. Some diapers may leak because they are too large on the legs of some children. Some diapers can also tighten babies' legs and cause scarring. In this case, a diaper model should be preferred considering the body shapes of the babies.

Before you start looking for a suitable diaper for your baby, you should determine your baby's needs, weight, waist circumference size, age and so on. For example, you have just given birth and you have no experience with diapers. In this case, it would be appropriate to use a newborn diaper suitable for your baby's size.

Since the genital areas are constantly closed, it produces bacteria quite easily. A diaper made of breathable material will prevent the formation of bacteria as well as prevent irritation and diaper rash. This is a much more important feature than it seems. [video]

Since the anatomical structures of male and female babies are different, the areas where their urine will be collected are also different. For this reason, diaper manufacturers produce diapers suitable for this situation. For example; While the front sides of diapers designed for boys are more absorbent, the middle parts of diapers produced for girls are more absorbent.

To briefly mention the diaper types, almost every brand has extra large, junior, junior plus, maxi, midi, mini and newborn models.

What to Consider When Buying Baby Diapers?

Babies can come in different weights and heights at different months and ages. The diaper you should choose for your baby also varies in this direction. Diaper numbers are one of the most challenging features for parents.

While choosing among the diaper brands, the waist thickness of the baby is also an important criterion. In other words, if you have two different sizes of diapers suitable for your baby's weight, it would be better to choose according to your baby's waist circumference.

The quality of the bands in diapers is also important. Sometimes, it may be necessary to open the diaper several times to check the diaper of babies. If the diaper's tapes are not made of a quality material, it can be deformed in a short time. A clean cloth can be thrown away because of its broken bands as it is opened and closed many times.

Baby Diaper Prices

Parents want the diapers they choose for their babies to be both high quality and affordable. Because diapers are one of the baby care products that are changed many times during the day, that is, it gets dirty very quickly and consumes very quickly.

Does not cause redness, burning and rash on the sensitive skin of babies; To find the right products that do not leak and whose bands do not deteriorate quickly, you can do a detailed examination on our site.

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