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What is life like with a caravan?

It is not just about belonging somewhere, but always on the road. It is not about returning to the same house every night, but about moving your house to another place every night. It is a house in motion. It comes with you everywhere. It turns everywhere it goes into a home. It is the true definition of freedom.

What Are The Types Of Caravan?

There are 2 main types of caravans, mainly caravans and motorhomes. Both models are frequently preferred by caravan enthusiasts as they offer different solutions for different purposes. Many issues such as how many people you are, the journey you will make, your route, purpose and technical possibilities affect the choice of caravan. If you are buying a caravan for the first time or going on a long trip with a new caravan, we are ready to help you choose the caravan that suits you best.

What is a motorhome?

Thanks to the living unit built on the carrier vehicle as a superstructure system, the wheeled houses that become habitable inside are called motor caravans. Preferred vehicles are generally bare chassis vans or minibuses, which are called panel vans. Motorhomes built on these types of vehicles are divided into two different subtypes as "camper" and "alcoholic" according to their bed capacities and interior layout plan. It is more practical as it does not need a tow truck to move around. It has relatively higher costs, as vehicles such as a minibus, pick-up truck, pick-up must be purchased and built on top of it.

What is a Caravan?

As the name suggests, it is a type of caravan built on a wheeled platform, independent of a motor vehicle. It has to be towed by another vehicle in order to move. Tow caravans, which move by being attached to a vehicle with a suitable capacity with a drawbar at the back, have lower costs compared to motorhomes.

How to Travel Safely with Caravan?

Road traffic rules for motor vehicles also apply to caravans, and obeying them is the first step to safe driving. Traveling with a house in motion means that many household items that are not normally found in a vehicle are also in the cabin.

Before moving, make sure that all cabinets are closed, locked, and all items that are likely to move or swing are fixed. [video]

In the event of a possible accident or sudden maneuvers, items such as forks, spoons, plates, glasses that will be scattered around your lockers will create a great danger for those traveling in the caravan. If a caravan is preferred, information and training should be obtained on the use of trailers. Trailering, parking, maneuvering with a trailer may require more experience than you already have.

Which Type of Caravan Should be Preferred?

Motorhomes are basically a minibus or a pickup truck. Therefore, all operations that a normal vehicle is subject to are also valid for motorhomes. As it is more expensive to convert to a caravan, the operating costs are also higher. However, the reason why they are preferred is that they have practical use.

But; After you park and start your camping life, you need to gather and set off with your home every time for activities such as walking around, shopping, visiting historical and touristic areas.

Travel caravans are more economical as they do not have engines. It offers more convenient options compared to motorhomes both at the purchasing stage and at the maintenance and usage stage. However, they need a second vehicle to be able to move. If you don't already have a car, it may cost more to buy a caravan and a car together. The advantages are that you can meet your needs only with your car after you reach your camping site and park your caravan. With this option, which is much more practical than constantly collecting and moving around for touristic trips or shopping, you can lock your caravan as if you leave your home and discover new places to visit and see in the surrounding area.

Caravaning is a way of life. Campers of all age groups and socioeconomic status can be on the road in all seasons of the year. Cooperation in caravan camping with less equipment, limited space and budget comes from the nature of this culture.

In the camping areas, all kinds of resources such as provisions, equipment, fuel are shared when needed. New caravaners are very welcome and guided. All caravaners; He is knowledgeable about the road conditions, the locations of the camping areas, the places to visit and see on the route, the dangerous points, repairmen, spare parts and road assistance services. They share information on national and international forum sites and social media platforms established for these purposes without waiting for any response.

Unmatched freedom of caravan life once you enjoy it, whether you are on the road for two weeks a year or from caravaners who spend their entire life on the road

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