Car Care

Car Care

How is vehicle maintenance done?

What should be taken into consideration when getting care?

When you start your car and get into traffic, you are actually making an unwritten agreement with other car drivers and pedestrians. Taking the road shows that you have confidence in your personal driving abilities, traffic principles and the condition of your vehicle. You also get a responsibility. Driving with a car with all controls provides confidence. It gives a sense of safety. Provides comfort and savings. Like every driver who cares about all these criteria, you should have your car maintenance done regularly.

So when should vehicle maintenance be done, what procedures are applied during periodic maintenance? Here are the things you need to know about vehicle maintenance, which is the key to safe driving and extends the life of your car ...

How are periodic maintenance times determined?

Vehicle maintenance means checking some parts and fluids of your car and replacing these parts when necessary. Operations such as changing engine oil and filters, suspension control are carried out by authorized services according to the fuel type and usage condition of your vehicle. Vehicle maintenance plays a major role in keeping the working performance at the maximum level and ensuring the perfect driving experience. Vehicle maintenance is carried out at regular intervals without any malfunction. Thus, while maintaining the safety and performance power of your car, it is ensured that the fuel consumption is kept at ideal values. Gasoline powered cars need vehicle maintenance every 15,000 kilometers of use. Hybrid cars also require regular maintenance at 15,000 kilometers or once a year. For diesel vehicles, this measure is 10,000 kilometers. Depending on how often you drive, your odometer may not reach these values ​​during the year. In this case, you can determine your vehicle maintenance needs once a year. Although electric cars that do not need any liquid such as oil do not require vehicle maintenance up to 500,000 kilometers, it is important that these vehicles are checked by authorized services once a year in order for the mechanical equipment to work properly.

What should be taken into consideration while car maintenance?

Using your car carefully and cleanly, choosing authorized services that will make expert interventions using original materials in any performance loss will extend the life of your vehicle. It is also essential for a safe and comfortable ride. In addition to all this care, the periodic maintenance of your car and making sure that the materials used during the change are compatible with your vehicle are among the main things to be considered during vehicle maintenance. At the end of an average driving time of 15,000 kilometers, your car's air filter gets dirty, the engine oil loses its functionality over time, and the pollen filter, which ensures the efficient operation of your air conditioner, fills up. Thanks to the change of all these components during periodic vehicle maintenance, the engine breathes and the vehicle's traction power increases. Changing the engine oil prevents the wear of the engine and increases its durability. A clean pollen filter, on the other hand, ensures that the vehicle air conditioner gives fresh air to the environment and strengthens the cooling effect.

What is checked in periodic maintenance?

Although the periodic maintenance process varies according to the model, fuel type and age of your car, the priority in maintenance of a standard vehicle is the parts in the engine compartment. The air filter, which ensures the high performance of the engine, changes the engine oil to prevent friction and wear, and the oil filter is renewed. If wear is observed, the timing belt that provides the movement of the valves must also be replaced at this stage. You can add antifreeze, engine oil and water, which you can make in authorized services in short periods, during this maintenance. Periodic vehicle maintenance also includes checks such as air conditioning gas pressure, steering box, chassis and tire tread depth. In addition, the electronic equipment of your car, multimedia screen and sound maintenance, air conditioning settings and control of driving safety systems are also covered by periodic vehicle maintenance. Periodic vehicle maintenance is closely related to your needs as well as your vehicle. In order to get the highest performance from your car, to continue driving pleasure and to travel safely, you can have your car's general maintenance done at the right time through expert authorized services.

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