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The automobile is a wheeled, self-contained land transportation vehicle suitable for passenger transport. They are self-propelled vehicles that can move spontaneously without using animal power, pushing or pulling, considering the first emergence of the automobile concept. The word engine also represented horse-less transport at that time, whereby the power of a vehicle was measured with the term "horsepower". They have a seating capacity for one passenger and, with exceptions, at least one passenger.

Cars are designed for use on the roads, as well as cars that allow off-road use (SUV). Roads are shared with other traffic items. Generally, cars run on internal combustion engines and with all four tires turning. However, as of 2001, cars with hybrid engines started to be sold. Many countries, especially the United States, have reduced their taxes to a minimum for electrically powered hybrid engines; and free electricity filling stations in car parks and gas stations.

Cars working with 3 wheels were also produced, but could not become useful due to the problem of balance and durability. Cars appear in many forms; some of them are Sedan, Station Wagon, Convertible, Coupe, Hatchback.

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