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Arts, Crafts & Sewing

Since the existence of humanity, art has been constantly changing and articulating human needs. Human develops with art and uses art as a means of self-expression.

If art is defined as a form of searching and questioning or a language, it can be said that this language changes in parallel with human beings. The relationship between human and art has entered an irreversible path with the industrial revolution. Keeping up with the age and being contemporary has also been a problem of art.
In order to comprehend contemporary world art, the terms contemporary, art and contemporary art must first be understood. Contemporary literally means "suitable for the understanding and conditions of the age, contemporary, civilized, modern". However, a concept contains more than just a word meaning, and over time, many meanings are attributed to it. The concept of modernity has a meaning beyond the meaning of the word. So what does modernity mean? Modernity describes the culture and the level of civilization beyond living in the same age. It can be said that when we say contemporary, we understand people who are at approximately the same level of civilization and share the same basic values ​​even though their cultures are different from each other.
Historical discussion of the concept of art came to the fore at the end of the 19th century. It is not easy to make a definitive definition of art that is restricted, as was the case with scientific theories up to that time. Philosophers and aesthetists in the past concentrated on assumptions and debates, rather than concrete data on the essence of art. The universal qualities of art, for example, its originality, uniqueness, and innovation, justifiably prevent it from going to a general definition. In addition, each cultural period and area throughout history has revealed a unique, unrepeatable art.
For contemporary art, there is a concern to comply with the conditions of the age and to reflect and develop these conditions. The distinctive feature of contemporary art; The growth of art is its direct relation with its development. Art cannot be expected to develop spontaneously. This development requires various intellectual processes. Contemporary art; It constantly improves itself by questioning its language, existence, environment and purpose. Considering the development process of the plastic arts, the works of artists and craftsmen that comply with the requirements of the age are effective in the development and continuous production of art.
In order for art to be understood more easily by the masses, to be in life and to be comprehended, the idea of ​​art education started, the process of being included in non-formal and formal education.
Art education requires visual thinking. One of the ways in which the way of thinking is conveyed is language, the other is the lines and forms in which artistic activities take shape. For this reason, people needed art as a means of communication and transmission other than spoken language. Individuals should understand the necessity of art education in solving the problems faced, understanding life, feeling what they see and reacting to events. Because art education is important in the development of an individual's aesthetic sensitivity, intelligence, physical and social life.

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